B2B Services

Hanželič d.o.o - your partner for machining

We are able to manufacture and treat the following products in our business center:

  • CNC curving of tubing (diameter up to 50mm) and profiles with a bending machine
  • NC curving of tubing (diameter up to 60mm) and profiles with 3-cylinder rolling technology
  • CNC bending of metal sheets (up to 250 tonnes, 4000mm in length)
  • NC rolling of metal sheets (up to 2m in width, 6mm in thickness) with 4-cylinder rolling technology. Minimal bending diameter of 300mm
  • CNC cutting of metal sheets (2000mmx4000mm), steel (thickness up to 30mm) and stainless materials (thickness up to 20mm)
  • MIG, MAG and TIG welding of aluminium, iron and stainless steel

We also offer cutting of rods, profiles and tubing

Cisterna s podestom

Tank with landing made with the capabilities of our business center

We are able to mechanically treat a number of materials:

  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • plastic
  • carbon steel
  • aluminium
  • wood
  • brass
  • alloys

Apart from CNC treatment, we deal in:

  • 3d modeling and information processing with CATIA
  • product planning from the initial idea to the end product

Our knowledge, experience and tools make it possible that we please even the most demanding customers. Because our collective promotes and understands that innovation can come from every individual of our society, we are able to listen to the wishes of our customers, and rise up to any challenge that may be presented to us.

Glomazen kos kovine do popolnosti obdelan v našem tehnološkem parku

a click on the picture above will lead you to our gallery where you can see for yourself how well we treat various materials

We offer made-to-order laboratory equipment and furniture, all made from high quality metals and alloys. Please contact us so we can discuss your wishes in full detail.

kovinsko pomivalno korito

Cabinet with sink manufactured for a laboratory

We have provided equipment for various schools as well as worked with Perutnina Ptuj. We manufacture everything from trolleys, metal cabinets to wall protection plates. Please contact us so we can discuss your wishes in full detail.

kovinska zaščita stene

Wall protection used in Perutnina Ptuj